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Post-Up Player's Club

If you're  part of the ever-growing community of Pool Players that are completely baffled as to why there are not enough big-name sponsors Involved in our beloved game, you've come to the right place.

Club Members are a community of Pool Players and Pool Enthusiasts who are tired of waiting for some beer company or sport brand to come along and start throwing un-godly amounts of money at our tournaments and tours.

We in the Post-Up Player's Club say WHY WAIT FOR THE BIG SPONSORS? Let's do it ourselves!

After all, where did those big-name sponsors get the money to fund national sports leagues in the first place? That's right, from the viewers.

How much beer has to be sold to justify a multi-million dollar advertising deal with the largest football league in the country?

How many $5,000 watches need to be sold in order to fund a partnership between a luxury watchmaker and a Professional Golf Tour?

With the creation of the internet and the nearly unlimited potential of strength in numbers we have an opportunity to completely change the landscape of Pocket Billiards altogether.

Members of the Post-Up Players Club have lofty dreams of multiple $50,000 added tournaments every Quarter, touring the country, and creating HUGE money games with some of the biggest names in our game.

The craziest part is, even a completely insane dream like that can be achieved with 3,000 Club Members at an average pledge of $20 each.

$20 out of one person's pocket probably won't likely change someone's life or really effect the outcome of their month. But, $20 out of a few thousand peoples' interest in an incredible game can change the world of pool as we know it.

If you don't feel like 20 is the right number for you, trust us when we say EVERY little bit helps. We aren't touring the country yet, but with your help, maybe someday we'll get there

Who knows, maybe it will be sooner than we all think.

Now click a few buttons and POST-UP!! Show the community that you not only LOVE THIS GAME but you BELIEVE IN IT TOO!!

See you on the felt,


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